About us


ATO is a certified Antwerp terminal operator who delivers logistic services in the port of Antwerp, specifically the transshipment between barges and trucks, the empty depot handlings and transport solutions in the port of Antwerp.

The strong strategic location guarantees fast and reliable solutions for all transport modes in the port of Antwerp.
In the near future ATO will realize a new link to the Shortsea transport and a direct connection to the railway infrastructure, so they can reduce the number of road transports within the port for the benefit of a better mobility and environment. 

ATO wants to be considered as the number 1 of the multimodal terminals in the port of Antwerp, focalizing on an excellent cooperation with its partners and customers.
ATO wants to continue to support her partner Boortmalt to its growing malt production by a fluid execution of the transports by barge or truck and by a perfect preparation of the containers before loading.


In June 2006 ATO was founded as a joint venture between Boortmalt and IFB, a subsidiary of the railway company NMBS Logistics. Today the joint venture has been set up between Boortmalt and Van Moer Logistics.

Boortmalt is a great malting factory with worldwide establishments and is a member of the French group Axéréal. Boortmalt is holder of the port concession between quay 364 en quay 500 and shares a part of this concession with ATO.
Boortmalt started in 2017 great infrastructure works to build a new malting factory on the Antwerp site.
The new factory will realize the ambition of Boortmalt to be the greatest malt manufacturer of the world.
The maximum yearly capacity will grow to 470.000 tonnes of malt.